We're a passionate bunch of designers and developers who listen, care and collaborate.

We put people first.

We explore your truth, so you connect with your customers and create commercial outcomes. We’ve intensified engagement, changed behaviour, increased sales and put bums on seats; but the real measure of our success is in the curl of a smile or skip of a heartbeat.

We work lean and simple but we’re certainly not small.

We’re big enough to suspend ego so we connect, collaborate and achieve an effective outcome. And we’re small enough to ensure you work directly with the person driving your project, so we get the job done. We work with different clients in different ways. From bright eyed start-ups and solo acts, to philanthropic charities and larger organisations. Our diverse client portfolio enables us to deliver the creative solutions that grabbing attention takes today.

We work well with others.

At Verity we pride ourselves on being creatives who listen, care and collaborate. Our clients consider us an ally because we work without barriers or hierarchy and have plenty of heart. The relationships we have are just as important as the result we achieve. This is what makes us go above and beyond, so you become more relevant, more marketable and more memorable.

How we’ll work together.

We’re not here to pretend that we know your business as intimately as you. We’re here to gain an understanding of your objectives and help communicate your vision. We’ll ask questions – lots of them. Some intelligent, perhaps some not so intelligent. We’ll also rely on you to openly provide knowledge and expertise to help us play our role. Sharing is caring.

Our process is fairly standard for all work we produce although there’s flexibility to ensure we produce work that fits.

We have a fairly flat structure when it comes to working with customers and responsibility is shared across the team members you’ll be working with. We’ll work collaboratively together on the work, and on managing the project so there’s a shared interest in the outcome.